Conference about “seahorse” in Shared Science

Dr Fran Otero, postdoctoral researcher of the Aquaculture Research Group (University of the Palms of Great Canary) (GIA - ULPGC) gave a conference entitled “Seahorses in Gran Canaria: tools for their conservation”, within the III Cycle of conferences in Sharing Science: “The scientists explain what they do”, organized by the ULPGC.


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Over two million euros of European subsidy for ULPGC's Aquaculture research project


The project coordinator and principal investigator, Dr. Ricardo Haroun Tabraue, will count on the support of ULPGC’s and Taliarte Scientific and Technological Marine Park’s researchers Dr. Marisol Lopez Izquierdo, Dr. Juan Manuel Afonso López  and Dr. Gercende Courtois de Viçose. For more information click on ECOAQUA project.