Equipment purcharse for the GIAgen service

As carry out the MINECO, UNLP10-3E-461 infrastructure project, it has got the Aquaculture Research Group (Grupo  Investigacion Acuicultura, GIA) and that responsible is Dra. Maria Jesus Zamorano, it has been adquired a workstation Tecan –Freedom EVO-100) customized for process of nucleic acids extractions, allow us to perform more effectively its services GIAgen.



EPICONCEPT short term scientific mission

Dr Fran Otero-Ferrer, postdoctoral researcher of the Aquaculture Research Group (University of the Palms of Great Canary) (GIA - ULPGC) completed a short term scientific mission in the University of Sheffield (UK), in collaboration with Professor William Holt (Department of Human metabolism), to study the “Effect of diet in seahorse male periconception environment during pregnancy: Statistical approach”. This short term scientific mission was financed by EPICONCEPT (Epigenetics and Periconception Environment, COST Action FA1201).


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