TN Fisheries Univ, University of Las Palmas De Gran Canaria (Spain) sign MoU

TN Fisheries Univ, University of Las Palmas De Gran Canaria (Spain) sign MoU

The Tamil Nadu Fisheries University and the University of Las Palmas De Gran Canaria (Spain) has signed a framework agreement for the development of mutual academic and research programme recently. The agreement was signed during a visit of high level delegation consisting of Dr. Rosario Berriel, Vice-Rector of International Relations (ULPGC), Prof. Sadasivam Kaushik, European Research Area (ERA) Chair of EU Ecoaqua project at the ULPGC (ECOAQUA-ULPGC), Prof. Marisol Izquierdo, Director of Research Group in Aquaculture (GIA-ULPGC), Prof. Ricardo Haroun, Director of Research Group in Biodiversity and Conservation (BIOCON-ULPGC) held between June 4 and 6 at the University.

Accordingly, provision are made between the ULPGC and the TNFU for 3 years in the areas like –development and transmission of education and culture at a general level between both institutions, development of Higher Education teaching and scientific and technological research, exchange of post-graduate students and training staff, exchange of academic materials and publications, collaborative research programmes, seminars and workshops, and faculty development programmes of mutual interest.

Besides, it has been also agreed between the parties that there should be joint consultancies and other education / research activities as deemed appropriate and mutually agreed by both parties.

The delegation visited Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi on June 5. The team was given a tour to all departments at the Institute including the department of Coastal Aquaculture at Tharuvaikulam to make them aware of the infrastructure facilities and research activities. As part of the visit, they were also taken to a commercial shrimp farm.

Prof. Sadasivam Kaushik, Prof. Marisol Izquierdo, Prof. Ricardo Haroun made presentations on the academic and research activities of the ULPGCA, Spain, and held discussion with the staff and postgraduate students of the Institute on possible areas of cooperation.

According to official sources, the team members were impressed with the research activities and infrastructure at the Fisheries College and Research Institute, and assured of joint programmes to commence soon.

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. G. Sugumar, Dean in-charge of Fisheries College and Research Institute, stated that exchange of postgraduate students and collaborative research will be given priority and will be initiated as part of the MoU between the two Universities.