The facility allows determination of ingredient and feed quality, as well as nutritional studies, in relation to growth, nutritional status, health, welfare and juvenile and flesh quality of fish and mollusc. Up to now the facility has been used in cooperation with researchers from more than 20 countries that came for student, post-doc or sabbatical stages. Besides, it has given service to more than a dozen of local, national and multi-national companies, working at present for 4 of them.

There is a very high demand for the use of these facilities that cannot completely being covered by the present facilities and hence a new plant is being build that will be ready for the end of 2010. Two patents, commercial feed formulas for aquaculture species, several new ingredients for two farmacological companies, more than 20 PhD thesis and 25 Master thesis, 7 EU projects and about 300 scientific papers have been produced in this facility.