AQUATRANS Project is aimed at promoting aquaculture cooperation between the regions of Souss Massa Draa and the Canary Islands in the fields of research, training and demonstration for the transfer of technology to private entities. With this aim, the following activities have been designed:


Activity 1.- Creating a Cross-Border Cooperation Network for Sustainable Development of Aquaculture.

The establishment of the AQUATRANS NETWORK will require close coordination between the two regions. This is achieved through bidirectional exchange of postgraduate staff belonging to the institutions involved in the project. The Network will also be expanded with the addition of other Spanish and Moroccan institutions related to aquaculture.


Activity 2. - Development of education and training programs in aquaculture

Support for education and training of technical staff in aquaculture in Morocco will involve several tasks, which include: the development of workshops for identification of key issues and preparation of curricula; the training of trainers; and, the development of courses during short stays for Moroccan technicians. Ultimately, this is intended to diversify the job offer in the region and benefit the most disadvantaged sectors of society.


Activity 3. - Establishment of a joint research program to foster the cultivation of molluscs in the region of Souss Massa Draa.

Project partners will develop basic research tasks and genetic characterization of shellfish populations in the coastal region of Souss Massa Draa as well as the determination of the feed potential of macroalgae in the area. Subsequently a pilot experience will be carried in the maintenance and cultivation of specimens of molluscs.


Activity 4. - Collaboration for the production of fast-growing fish species.

Experiences with fish will be applied to fast-growing species, which facilitate the achievement of results in a shorter period. This activity is performed with a double objective: economic (promoting commercial production) and environmental (restocking for conservation of natural stocks).


Activity 5. - Coordination and management

The administrative and financial management and coordination of the project are important tasks. It incorporates monitoring and evaluation, as a means of ensuring the adequate progress of the planned tasks and the correct control of funds utilisation.


Activity 6. - Communication

As a result of external communication and dissemination actions AQUATRANS Project is expected to contribute to increase cross-border cooperation in aquaculture. At the same time, it intends to better inform the general public about the importance of aquaculture and the value of cross-border activities for the promotion of socio-economical growth. Furthermore, internal communication actions are intended to ensure effective coordination between the project partners.